Our Playground

13 Tzelal Bagiar Limassol
7000 85 86

Balloon Room

For younger kids with ages up to 3, let them experience the fantastic opportunity to enter into our space room with flying balloons. They will be amazed..

Bumber Bikes

For the bike lovers what more exciting from a ride in our track with out italian design and quality bumper bikes. Can you really avoid getting hit? Can you really prove it?

Bungee Trampolines

How does Limassol look from up there? What would you say to try our Bungee trampolines and be able to jump up to height of 7 meters in the air? It is a fantastic experience which also allows you to make turns in the air. Don’t miss it!!

Electric Cars

Are you the racing type? Come on then for a ride on our specially designed racing track and your adrenaline will rise roof high!! Choose the type of car it suits your taste, push the pedal and the trip will start...

Foam Ball Guns

Load, shoot... Enter our specially designed area and play with the small and large size cannons, load with colourful foam balls and shoot all the various targets around you. Try to trace which ball lifter fills the ball recycler next to you and try to load it. Will you make it?

Foam Ball Volcano

Feed the Volcano with foam balls and wait to watch the explosion that will occur. The spectacle is unique.


We bet you have never before experienced something similar!! Climb inside the enormous octopus and choose from the three 8 meter sides which one to ride. The experience is unique.

Kiddie Rides

There is great variety for the younger ones as well. They can try our brand new kiddie rides and enjoy the ride.

Rope Course

Is your height 1.10m? Have you seen the movie Indiana Jones? If yes, then you can test your climbing skills on our rope course tailored made for our needs. With a nice combination of elements of various difficulty levels, it is designed to test your abilities to the limit!! Our continuous lifeline system is designed to ensure to the maximum possible the safety of our young friends.

Toddler Area

There is play for our toddlers as well. Our specially designed toddler's area can provide safe entertainment for our young friends always under the watchful eyes of our qualified staff.


Always fun.. Try our trampolines and jump non-stop. The experience is unique.

Twin Wavy Slide

Rise your adrenaline levels sky high. Try our double wavy slide and we are confident the experience will be unique and you will want to try again and again...

Vertical Drop Slide

Do you dare? Let's see... With an even steeper drop, our vertical drop slide will test your courage to the limit...

SAFETY - All our playground equipment have been acquired from European companies, with extensive experience and leaders in the field of children entertainment. All equipment conform with all European safety regulations and specifically standards EN 1176-77 and they have all relevant certificates.

STAFFAll our staff have been trained extensively to be able to operate our playground equipment and safeguard the safety of our young friends. In terms of choice of staff priority was given to employ qualified teachers.